Artistic statement
The backbone of Alexander van der Linden’s photography is an imminent passion for culture in general and for dance in particular. It was an intense performance by the Merce Cunningham Company, Biped, that triggered him to start professionally with photography.

Stylistically his photography can be described as classic with a frosting of melancholy. Throughout his career Alexander van der Linden has always had a tendency towards the abstract, because of it's universal power. In his essay An epitaph of a moment in time he talks about his thoughts about the importance of photography. 

Alexander van der Linden (Beusichem, The Netherlands, 1976) started out as a photographer during his study theater science at the University Utrecht. After seeing many performances and realizing how volatile many moments are, he has developed his own style in capturing meaningful moments so that they will not be restricted to the memories of the few.

The award winning photo of dancer Carl Refos for Samadhi Dance Company

The award winning photo of dancer Carl Refos for Samadhi Dance Company

To teach other people how to find meaningful images through the joy of photography, Alexander started giving photo workshops for companies in 2013. He organised workshops portrait photography as well as photowalks in urban Rotterdam. 

To capture an art of movement in two-dimensional stills is a challenge that can have many outcomes. Every photo is a different outcome and a new possibility. 

Alexander had his first exhibition in Shanghai in early 2014. His work was exhibited at the Vanke Xuhui Art Center in Shanghai and was part of the exhibition Passion and Lines (徐汇万科中心 “激情与线条”). 

In 2016, he was honored with the Dutch audience award for best dance photo of 2015. The awarded photo was a still of dancer Carl Refos performing for Samadhi Dance company.

In his spare time, Alexander collects (and uses) vintage cameras, jazz records, plays the flamenco guitar (very poorly) and works as a volunteer at the local hospital where he works with the elderly. He has also been part of several cultural organisations as an editor, board member and dramaturg.


Portrait01/Asuka, the very first portrait of the series 99DANCERS

Portrait01/Asuka, the very first portrait of the series 99DANCERS

99DANCERS is a photo project that is all about the passion for dance. 99 dancers are portrayed to show their diversity whilst conveying their common passion: dance. This series consists of dancers with many different nationalities and is an ongoing photo project that started back in 2014. Regular updates kan be found on the blog. Dancers that are interested in participating in the project are courteously invited to send a mail for more information: 99dancers@dephoid.com