During the last couple of years I’ve had the privilege to photograph many dancers and dance pieces. This inspired me to a new project: 99DANCERS. Since I started out as a portrait photographer that found his way into dance photography, it was only logical to combine the two.

With 99DANCERS I want to show the diversity of dance and dancers by portraying 99 different dancers. Not just different in age and sex, by portraying 99 dancers in a somewhat uniform way I want to emphasize everyone’s own voice. This will be achieved by photographing movement, both digitally and on medium format film. 

The forthcoming dance portraits are all about showing movement and moving the viewer. Sometimes by showing a moment of an extreme dance movement, sometimes by showing a dancer in a still moment.

The project will start out as this tumblr and will eventually take a more physical shape as a book.

Should you be a dancer and interested in being part of this project, send a mail for more information.

More to come!