Concrete Carnaval: a series about slaughter and art

The series "Concrete Carnaval: 1933 Old Millfun/ 老场坊", shows a building that once was one of the largest abattoirs in the world. While most of the the other monstrous abattoirs have disappeared, this one- situated in Shanghai’s Hongkou district- is still standing. These photos were taken just before the building turned into an artistic hotspot that somehow also houses the Ferrari Owner's Club China. This series does not show any glamour though, but a building designed for efficient slaughter, full of special paths and spaces where cows used to walk into their inevitable death to become part of the world's richest cuisine. An ironic combination of life, death and culture, but for me most of all a beautiful place where anything can happen. These three images are a preview of this upcoming series.

Alexander van der Linden 1933_G.jpg
Alexander van der Linden 1933_F.jpg
Alexander van der Linden 1933_E.jpg